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4 Pizze
  • An outdoor pizza oven designed for the family. The 4 Pizze is big enough to bake 4 pizzas in 90 seconds. It comes with the refractory oven floor used in Alfa commercial models, with a stainless-steel dome that allows you to get it up to the cooking temperature quickly, maintain the heat for a long time and keep the wood consumption to a minimum.


    Add a base to create the perfect at-home outdoor pizza oven experience.


    Select from our comprehensive range of premium-quality accessories to get the most from your Alfa pizza oven.

    4 Pizze

    • Number of pizzas: 4

      Heating time: 20 minutes

      Batch of bread: 4 kg

      Number of people: 10–20

      Fuel: Wood

      Dimensions (mm): 
      1000W × 970D × 1210H

      Dimensions with base (mm): 
      1550W × 875D × 2020H

      Cooking Floor (mm):
      800W ×  600D