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About Alfa Pizza Ovens

Alfa are luxury handcrafted wood-fired and gas-fired outdoor pizza ovens that guarantee excellent results in baking pizza and bread, grilling, roasting and stewing, combined with unparalleled ease of use and maintenance. The unique patented design of our ovens guarantees a comfortable and elegant cooking experience, whether it is cooking outdoors or indoors, thanks to our high-tech materials and details that enable excellent resistance to humidity and an optimised heat insulation.
All Alfa models are made in in the Alfa plant close to Rome, turning a traditional tool like an oven into a designer object acclaimed all over the world as a standard-bearer for Made in Italy.


Quick & Easy

Simple to install and use, Alfa pizza ovens heat up in as little as 10 mins and cook a pizza in 1–2 mins


High Quality

Alfa pizza ovens are handcrafted in Italy from heavy-duty materials, using patented Forninox™ technology

Allegro Top_MG_8164-fuoco copy.jpg


Alfa pizza ovens are not only great for pizza, but also bread, roasts, fish, vegetables, puddings and even as a BBQ!



With an elegant and timeless design, Alfa pizza ovens fit seamlessly with any decor

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